Extension for Chrome to create Twitch clips more easily


With this extension you can create clips in a faster way, without having to go to another tab or wait for the clip link to appear in the Twitch chat. Once the clip is created you can check it and go to the VOD by opening the PopUp of the extension.

At the moment the login only works with email and password, we are working to implement providers like Google and others.

To create a clip you just have to click on the new brand button that is added by the extension (see the image below), aside to Follow/Unfollow button, and that’s all! The clip will be created and you will see the link in the PopUp of the extension. There is two ways to create a clip, fast creation and advanced creation:

Clipfy button

The information that you will see in the PopUp is the following:

Clipfy button

Also yo can edit the title of the clip or add a little description. Also you can mark as favorite. The favorite clips will be saved in the extension and you can see them in the **Favorites tab**.

You can create a account for free using a email and password, soon new providers options will be added.

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